Chapter 10

Automating Tests Prior to Release


Bullet Using automated testing

Bullet Looking at the various testing environments

Bullet Understanding what types of tests to do

Testing and development overlap to some degree because developers should absolutely be writing tests as they write code. I gave the subject of testing its own chapter to highlight just how important testing is to DevOps environments. You can’t have automation or continuous anything without robust automated testing.

In this chapter, you glean the importance of testing in DevOps, see how to test code in multiple environments, and find out what types of tests to consider.

Testing Isn’t Optional

If you jump into continuous integration or delivery without taking the time to establish a strong automated testing practice on your team, you face disaster. Things will break frequently and catastrophically. Testing buttresses your ability to automate and reassures you that new changes don’t break existing functionality.

Software testing has three core purposes:

  • To confirm that application logic fulfills its desired functionality: Does the current functionality meet requirements and complete the task in a reasonable time? ...

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