DevOps tools: ecosystem overview

Before embarking on a discussion of how tools can be used to improve and maintain various aspects of culture, we will start with some definitions and terminology to build additional context and understanding across teams. This is by no means an exhaustive list of technologies or terms.

People may have different folk models or different understandings of these terms and concepts. Being explicit with shared meaning allows for more nuanced discussions and better understanding of these ideas.

Software Development

Software development tools help with the process of programming, documenting, testing, and fixing bugs in applications and services. Not restricted to specific roles, these tools are important to anyone who works on software in some capacity.

Local Development Environment

A consistent local development environment is critical to quickly get employees started contributing to your product. This is not to say that individuals should be locked into a single standard editor with no flexibility or customization, but rather it means ensuring that they have the tools needed to get their jobs done effectively.

Minimal requirements may vary in your environment depending on individual preferences, ranging from multiple displays for increased collaboration or high-resolution displays for more comfortable long-term viewing sessions, to specific keyboards, mice, and other input devices. Qualifying the current standard of your local development environment ...

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