446 DFSMSrmm Primer
same for the client system and the server system to establish a network
The default is None.
SERVERTASKS(number): Use this operand to specify how many
DFSMSrmm tasks should be available on the server to handle socket
connections from client systems. DFSMSrmm uses this number to determine
how many tasks are to be started for processing all client requests on this
server. Specify a value from 1 to 999.
The number of local and server tasks you can use and still successfully start
DFSMSrmm is limited by the size of the private region above and below
16 MB. To start with more tasks, you require a larger REGION size.
The default is 10.
10.3.3 Updating EDGRMMxx for a client
In the environment shown in Figure 10-1 on page 435, we define four
DFSMSrmm client systems: two in SYSPLEX 1 and two in Non-Plex 1. To
implement a DFSMSrmm client system, update your EDGRMMxx PARMLIB
member to define the CATSYSID, CDSID and CLIENT operands. You can use
the same DFSMSrmm client definitions as shown in Figure 10-3 for SYSA and
SYSB. All other EDGRMMxx PARMLIB definitions are not shown in this figure.
Figure 10-3 EDGRMMxx PARMLIB options for client SYSA and SYSB
For the both systems SYSC and SYSD, you can use the CATSYSID, CDSID, and
CLIENT operand as shown in Figure 10-4. All other EDGRMMxx PARMLIB
definitions are not shown in this figure.
Recommendation: Specify or accept the default value of 10 server tasks on
each server system. Depending on the number of CLIENT systems, increase
this value to allow three tasks per CLIENT. Most of the local tasks are rarely
used by DFSMSrmm. You do not need more server tasks than the sum of all
local tasks across your CLIENT systems.
OPTION OPMODE(P) /* operating mode */ -
CATSYSID(SYSA,SYSB) /* Catalog sysid(s) */ -
CLIENT(SERVERNAME( PORT(9000)) /* WTSC Server */ -
LOCALTASKS(10) /* number of subtasks */

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