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Dial Down the Drama

Book Description

One moment your daughter is fun-loving and energetic—a pleasure to be around. The next she’s sulking in silence, or worse, screaming and slamming the door. Congratulations, you’re the mother of a teenage girl.

Your daughter is on an emotional roller coaster. Responding in kind just adds fuel to the fire and erodes your relationship. Teens need a stable anchor—a mom who calmly de-escalates scenes and parents intentionally, even when her child is pushing away.

Written by a popular family therapist, Dial Down the Drama reveals how to reclaim your center and reconnect with your teen. It helps you:

    • Regain perspective
    • Break the cycle of conflict
    • Tune in to your daughter without drowning in her drama
    • Foster spontaneous conversations
    • Understand the developing adolescent brain and how it influences behavior
    • Appreciate her for who she is now—a wonderful, work in progress
    • Replace worrying and overreacting with effective communication and action
    • Forge a healthy and lasting bond together

    Moodiness, anger, and defiance can stress the best of us. This empowering guide gives you the tools you need to defuse the drama—and dial up the joy.