Dialogues with Creative Legends and Aha Moments in a Designer’s Career, First Edition

Book description

In Dialogues with Creative Legends, you will find answers to some of the perplexing questions talented people confront. From these dialogues emerge a startling range of ideas, from beginning a creative career to developing client relationships, mentoring, and the role of design thinking in society. The author's gradual revelations about the intertwined contributions of creator and patron will resonate with students and practitioners in all the creative professions. This remarkable book explores the role of creativity in commerce and culture. It's a quest for livelihood and meaning that is at once highly personal--and strikingly universal. Come along as the author interviews many of the creative luminaries of the late 20th century, including: Saul Bass, Buckminster Fuller, Paul Rand, Lou Dorfsman, Herb Lubalin, Don Trousdell, Charles & Ray Eames, George Nelson, Massimo Vignelli, Heinz Edelmann, Victor Papanek, and Hermann Zapf.

Table of contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Dedication Page
  4. Acknowledgements
  5. Contents
  6. Richard Saul Wurman: Foreword: Designing Your Life
  7. Introduction
    1. Motivations & Choices
    2. Setting
    3. Technical and Historical Background
    4. About the Interviews
    5. Paths and Goals
  8. 1. Teachers
    1. Victor Papanek: Portfolio and Career
    2. Buckminster Fuller: World Game
    3. Charles and Ray Eames: The Connections
    4. Saul Bass: Notes on Change
    5. Design in The Real World
    6. James Burke, Jr.: Life is Like a Train
    7. Walter Herdeg and Jack Kuntz: A Visit to Mt. Olympus
    8. Josef Müller-Brockmann and Ruedi Rüegg: People, not Portfolios
    9. Heinz Edelmann: Every Ten Years, Burn your Portfolio
  9. 2. Titans
    1. The Great Midwest Mounted Valise
    2. Penn Station Booth 6
    3. The Valise Goes Awol
    4. Ed Gottschall: Not Your Average Interview
    5. Cold Calling 101
    6. Herb Stern: The One Week Hence Test
    7. Seymour Chwast: Bad Luck, So Good Luck!
    8. Ian Ballantine: A Short Course in Genre Publishing
    9. Singing to The Gatekeepers
    10. A Trial Run
    11. James Mcmullan: Watercolor Wizard
    12. Barbara Bertoli: Strong, Yet Vulnerable
    13. Max Miedinger: Getting Helvetica Right
    14. Arthur Tress: The Dream Collector
    15. Aha: The Bertoli Toggle
    16. Peter Mayer: How to Run a Sales Meeting
    17. Boldness in The Face of Opportunity
    18. Penn Station Booth 6, Revisited
    19. Frederick Schneider: To Be Right ...
    20. George Nelson: Philosophy of Design
    21. Portfolio Transitions, or Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste!
    22. Massimo Vignelli: The Auteur Speaks
    23. James Craig: Keeping your Powder Dry
    24. Tipping Point on a Train
    25. Hermann Zapf: Your Soul’s Music
    26. Paul Rand: The Designer as Brand
    27. Ivan Chermayeff: A Search for Essence
    28. Lou Dorfsman: I Just Try to Make it Look Great
    29. Herb Lubalin: Superlatives and Schlock
    30. An Arthur Tress Snapshot
  10. 3. Transitions
    1. From Valise to Expertise
    2. Don Trousdell: Growing a Style and Outgrowing Style
    3. Dave Condrey and Bill Duncan: Welcome to The Greatest Marketing Organization on Earth
    4. Robert Woodruff: Take Out Everything but The Enjoyment
    5. Lawrence Gellerstedt, Jr.: Leadership is Developing People
    6. Caroline Warner Hightower: Design as Magic
    7. Saul Bass Encore: When the Student is Ready, The Teacher will Appear
    8. Sidney Topol: A Good Proposal on Time
    9. Rober to Goizueta: Creative Friends
  11. Reflections: The ROI Model for Career Optimization
    1. Relationships
    2. Other-Centered (communication)
    3. Individual (professional development)
    4. Take-Aways
  12. For Further Reading
  13. Index
  14. Photographic Credits
  15. About the Author: David Laufer
  16. Ad Page

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  • Title: Dialogues with Creative Legends and Aha Moments in a Designer’s Career, First Edition
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: December 2012
  • Publisher(s): New Riders
  • ISBN: 9780133138016