According to FactSet Research Systems Inc.; all of the market and securities data contained in this book, in fact, came from FactSet.
Amaranth, based in Greenwich, was felled in September 2006 by one trader’s staggering losses—about $6 billion all told—linked to outsized, highly leveraged, long bets on the direction of natural gas prices. The aggressively bullish position, doubled down upon as prices were falling precipitously, was the handiwork of a 32-year-old trader named Brian Hunter operating from a satellite office in Calgary.
A 1999 research paper “The Chances of Making It in Pro Hockey for Ontario Minor Hockey Players” by Jim Parcells of the Ontario Minor Hockey Association, which looks specifically at players born in Ontario in 1975 (McCullough’s birth year) found that out of approximately 22,000 players active in either minor or junior level hockey, just 41 of them, including McCullough, played NCAA Division I hockey. The study also found that of Ontario players born in 1975, only 48 were drafted to the NHL; four others signed as free agents. At the time of the study, 35 players from the sample group had been signed to NHL contracts and 26 had seen NHL action, making 1975 Ontario’s best birth year ever in terms of players drafted to the NHL.
Old mining camp term referring to the lowest-paying, least desirable job—that of sifting through rocks, mud, and muck, shoveling ore into buckets, and loading them onto conveyor belts.
Williams Trading is currently located ...

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