Dictionary of Information Security

Book description

The Dictionary of Information Security is a compilation of security terms and definitions that working security professionals and IT students will find helpful.

IT professionals and IT students will find this a handy reference to help them identify terms used in practice, in journals and articles, and on websites. The dictionary has complete coverage of security terms and includes cutting-edge technologies and newer terminology only now becoming accepted use amongst security practitioners. Certification candidates for security specializations like CISSP and Security+ will also find this a valuable resource.

* Your one stop shop coverage of malware, wireless technologies, and phishing

*An easy to use tol featuring the ability to cross references makeing navigation easy

* Includes special coverage of military and government terms for the latest hot topics

Product information

  • Title: Dictionary of Information Security
  • Author(s): Robert Slade
  • Release date: August 2006
  • Publisher(s): Syngress
  • ISBN: 9780080488714