Too often, differential equations seem like torture. They seem so bad in fact that you may be tempted to cringe or shudder when you're assigned homework that involves 'em.

Differential Equations Workbook For Dummies may not get you to embrace differential equations with open arms, but it will improve your understanding of the pesky things. Here you get ample practice working through the most common types of differential equations, along with detailed solutions, so you can truly master the subject. Get ready to add "differential equations expert" to your résumé!

About This Book

Differential Equations Workbook For Dummies is all about practicing solving differential equations. It's crammed full of the good stuff — and only the good stuff. Each aspect of differential equations is addressed with some brief text to refresh your memory of the basics, a worked-out example, and multiple practice problems. (If you're looking for in-depth explanation of differential equations topics, your best resource is Differential Equations For Dummies [Wiley] or your class textbook.) So that you're not left hanging wondering whether your solution is right or wrong, each chapter features an answers section with all the practice problems worked out, step by glorious step.

You can leaf through this workbook as you like, solving problems and reading solutions as you go. Like other For Dummies books, this one is designed to let you skip around to your heart's content.

Conventions Used in ...

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