Digilogue: How to Win the Digital Minds and Analogue Hearts of Tomorrow's Customer

Book description

How to leverage the enduring human need for analogue experiences to attract and retain more customers in a digital world.

Anything that can be digitised will be digitised. But can the digital-connect ever really replace the personal touch? Is word-of-mouse always more effective than word-of-mouth? And what of customers' enduring need for analogue experiences (think analogue watches, paperback books and multiplex movie theatres, for example). In your rush to embrace your customers' digital mind are you ignoring an equally valuable asset: their analogue heart? Better yet, how can you leverage the analogue heart to provide your company or brand with an unbeatable competitive edge?

The answer, according to internationally acclaimed futurist, Anders Sormon-Nilsson is Digilogue — the 'translational sweet-spot, the convergence of the digital and the analogue.'

A book that will revolutionise how you do business in a digital world, Digilogue provides powerful insights, strategies and tools to help you provide value to digital minds, while connecting with analogue hearts.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Foreword
    1. About the author
    2. Acknowledgements
    3. Prologue
    4. Introduction
  5. Part I: The fighters size each other up
    1. 1: Digital disruption
      1. Everything that can be digitised will be digitised
      2. Digital is an omnipresent force for change
      3. A digital wave of change
      4. Awareness of yourself and your surroundings is the first step
      5. Endnotes
    2. 2: Analogue versus digital
      1. Hearts versus minds?
      2. Rational versus emotional
      3. Analogue culture - analogue opportunity
      4. Endnotes
    3. 3: Bringing the old and the new together
      1. The convergence of the digital and the analogue
      2. Laptops and lederhosen
      3. The importance of translation in the continuation of the analogue story
      4. Endnotes
    4. 4: Digilogue
      1. Providing value to digital minds and connecting with analogue hearts
      2. The digilogue mix
      3. The Digilogue Strategy Map
      4. Digital examples
      5. Analogue examples
      6. Endnotes
  6. Part II: The battle heats up
    1. 5: Digital grapevine
      1. Big Brother, big data
      2. Death of demographics, and marketing as a science
      3. The precursor to the digital grapevine - Wagga Wagga
      4. Endnotes
    2. 6: Analogue escapism
      1. Reconnecting by disconnecting: Burning Man
      2. We learn the analogue through the digital
      3. Enabling reconnection by disconnection
      4. Endnotes
    3. 7: Digital diffusion of ideas
      1. Diffusing ideas in a digitally disrupted era
      2. We're all in media now
      3. Endnotes
    4. 8: Analogue location drives digital innovation
      1. The importance of local connections
      2. Analogue trust, analogue connections
      3. Business is still local
      4. Wrapping up the fight
      5. Endnotes
  7. Part III: Hanging up the gloves and meeting in the middle
    1. 9: Standing the test of time
      1. The business life cycle
      2. Kodak's missed moment
      3. Georg Sörman
      4. Waves of change
      5. Toy Story reinvented: LEGO
      6. Endnotes
    2. 10: Going digilogue
      1. Strategising for future success
  8. Conclusion

Product information

  • Title: Digilogue: How to Win the Digital Minds and Analogue Hearts of Tomorrow's Customer
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: September 2013
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781118641385