Chapter 3. Connect Your Computer to Your Stereo

If you’ve taken the time to put your music collection on your computer, you’ll probably want to listen to it through a good sound system—or at least one that’s better than your cheap computer speakers. Consider combining your computer’s capabilities for organizing and playing music with the high fidelity of a home stereo or home theater system. You’ll get the best of both worlds, without spending lots of money on amplified computer speakers that probably are no match for the power and fidelity of your existing stereo system.

You have a wide range of options when it comes to making the stereo connection. Basic solutions just get the audio from your sound card to your stereo. More advanced choices include wireless connections, remote controls, and displays that let you access your jukebox program from anywhere in your house. You don’t need expensive wiring for these options, and you can quit running back and forth during parties to change playlists or see what’s playing.

This chapter covers the many different ways of distributing and enjoying computer-based music throughout your house. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of different types of connections, including analog and digital cabling, wireless audio transmitters, and wireless networks. You’ll learn about the common types of audio connectors and cables, how to identify the right inputs and outputs, and how to match signal levels for the cleanest possible sound. We’ll also show you how ...

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