Glossary of Acronyms and Names 1

NOTE: Expressions in bold and followed by an asterisk (e.g. “ASW-HSS project*”) appear in the glossary.


ACH portal

1) ACH is the acronym for “Azerbaijani Cultural Heritage” which is a portal serving as a field of experimentation to the ASW-HSS project*.

AICH portal

1) AICH is the acronym for “Andean Intangible Cultural Heritage” which is a portal serving as an experimental field to the ASW-HSS project* and the Convergence* project.

AmSud (portal)

1) Abbreviation for “Mediateca Latinoamericana”, a portal and online video-library of the ARA Program* which collects and broadcasts audiovisual corpora documenting the historical, cultural and social world of Latin America.

2) AmSud was developed in 2007 as part of three research projects: Divas*, Logos* and Saphir*.

3) The audiovisual collection of the AmSud video-library is composed of around 440 hours of recorded interviews, conferences, cultural events (concerts, exhibitions etc.), field research (on German immigration into Chile, French immigration into Mexico, the Chilean coup d’état in 1973, the Argentinean dictatorship etc.) as well as documentaries and reports (e.g. on the life and culture of the indigenous people). Most of the audiovisual recordings available on the AmSud portal are in French or Spanish.

4) The official URL of AmSud is:

ARA© Program

1) The ARA Program is a R&D project of ESCoM*, which was set up in 2001 as part of the OPALES* project on semantic ...

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