DVR Digital video recorder Records video pictures digitally.
Dynamic range In television, the useful camera operating light
range from highlight to shadow, in which detail can be observed
in a static scene when both highlights and shadows are present.
In electronics, the voltage or power difference between the
maximum allowable signal level and the minimum acceptable
signal level.
Echo A signal that has been refl ected at one or more points
during transmission with suffi cient magnitude and time differ-
ence as to be detected as a signal distinct from that of the primary
signal. Echoes can be either leading or lagging the primary signal
and appear on displays as refl ections or “ghosts”.
EDTV Extended defi nition television A marketing term for a
standard defi nition television set that displays a progressive scan
(non-interlaced) picture and usually has a horizontal resolution
near the high end of SDTV (over 600 pixels).
EIA Electronics Industry Association EIA is a trade alliance for
its members engaged in or associated with the manufacture, sale
or distribution of many categories of electronic equipment.
EIA interface A standardized set of signal characteristics (time
duration, waveform, delay, voltage, current) specifi ed by the Elec-
tronic Industries Association.
EIA sync signal The signal used for the synchronizing of scan-
ning specifi ed in the Electrical Industry Association standards RS-
170 (for monochrome), RS-170A (for color), RS-312, RS-330, RS-420,
or subsequent specifi cations.
Electromagnetic focusing A method of focusing a cathode ray
beam to a fi ne spot by application of electromagnetic fi elds to one
or more defl ection coils of an electron lens system.
Electronic viewfi nder see Viewfi nder, electronic.

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