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Digital Collage and Painting, 2nd Edition

Book Description

If you already know your way around Photoshop and Painter and want to use these amazing programs to take your skills further, this book is for you! Much more than a simple "how-to" guide, Susan Ruddick Bloom takes you on a full-fledged journey of the imagination and shows you how to create incredible works of fine art. Supplemented by the work of 20+ world renowned artists in addition to Sue's own masterpieces, you'll learn how to create watercolors, black and white pencil sketches, texture collages, stunning realistic and fantastical collages, and so much more, all from your original photographs. If you are eager to dive into the world of digital art but need a refresher on the basics, flip to Sue's essential techniques chapter to brush up on your Photoshop and Painter skills, and you'll be on your way in no time. Whether you're a novice or an established digital artist, you'll find more creative ideas in this book than you could ever imagine. Fully updated for new versions of Painter and Photoshop and including brand new work from contemporary artists, Digital Collage and Painting provides all the inspiration you need to bring your artistic vision to light.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. Dedication
  6. Part I Planning and Inspiration
    1. Chapter One Concept
      1. What Is a Collage, Montage, or Assemblage?
      2. What Is a Digital Painting?
      3. Think It Out First, Assembling the Needed Images
      4. Are You Drowning in Digital Files?
      5. What Is the Intended Output Size?
    2. Chapter Two Important Considerations Before You Begin
      1. Unifying Factors
      2. Texture
      3. Color
      4. Contrast
      5. Noise and Grain
      6. Scale
      7. Tree House Exercise
      8. Rotating, Distorting, and Transforming
      9. Lighting
      10. Directionality of Light
      11. Quality of Light
      12. Dramatic vs. Subtle
      13. Projects: Places That Never Were
      14. Australian Boulder
      15. Hawaiian Waterfall
      16. Menace in Venice
    3. Chapter Three Inspiration
      1. Digital Artists and Their Work
      2. Dorothy Simpson Krause
      3. Susi Lawson
      4. Mary L. Taylor
      5. Eric Scala
      6. John Derry
      7. Theresa Airey
      8. Martin Addison
      9. Alexander Kruglov (Shurelo)
      10. Ad Van Bokhoven
      11. Karin Schminke
      12. Tony Sweet
      13. Jason Seiler
      14. Huntington Witherill
      15. Cynthia Brody and Thomas Morris
      16. Mike Thompson
      17. Alex Jansson
      18. Bruno Mallart
      19. Cliff Cramp
      20. Claudia Salguero
      21. Janet Stoppee
  7. Part II Step-by-Step Painting
    1. Chapter Four Painting in Photoshop® with Your Photos
      1. How to Use Photoshop Filters and the History Brush Tool to Create a Digital Painting
      2. Using the Art History Brush Tool to Create a Digital Painting
      3. Correction of Flaws
      4. Using the Pattern Stamp to Create a Digital Painting
      5. Another Pattern Stamp Painting
      6. Using the Art History Brush Tool and Emboss Filter to Create a Textured Digital Painting
      7. Brown Edge Effect
      8. White Edge Effect: Paint with White Using the Chalk Brush
      9. Photo Illustration Using the Find Edges Filter
      10. A Glorious Use for the Glowing Edges Filter as an Oil Painting Tool
      11. Edge Effects for FREE!
      12. Scanner Edge Effects
      13. Film/Photo Edges
      14. Polaroid Transfer Edges
      15. Film Edge Effects
      16. New Photoshop Mixer Brush Tool
      17. Using John Derry's Third-Party Brushes
    2. Chapter Five Painting in Painter™
      1. Simple Cloning Techniques
      2. Impressionist Cloner
      3. Pastel Cloning
      4. Oil Paint Cloning
      5. More Oil Painting
      6. Bristle Oil Cloner
      7. Combining a Variety of Media into One Painting
      8. Adding Texture to Your Painting
      9. Old Masters Inspiration
      10. Photocopy-Inspired Painting
      11. Auto-Painting: Painting in a Hurry
      12. Smart Stroke Painting
      13. Make Virtually Any Brush a Cloner
      14. Illustrative Sketch Technique
      15. Painting Approach with Blenders
      16. Edges and Cloning
      17. Painterly Edge Effects
    3. Chapter Six Assembling a Collage in Photoshop®
      1. My Scanner Is a Camera
      2. Simple Collages
      3. Collage with Lighting Effect
      4. Suspend True Scale
      5. Themed Collages
      6. Suspend Reality
      7. Pile on the Layers
      8. Combining Diverse Objects with Blending Modes
      9. Shadow Power
      10. Gridded Collages
      11. Collage Possibilities for Wedding Photography
      12. Look to History
      13. Simple Kaleidoscope Collage
      14. Gradient Tool for Smooth Blending
      15. Allow Yourself to be Flexible in the Creative Process
    4. Chapter Seven Assembling a Collage in Painter™
      1. Using Painter's Image Hose
      2. Using Painter's Unique Brushes for Texture in a Collage
      3. Using Colored Paper and the Lighting Effects
      4. Combining the Power of Painter and Photoshop in a Collage
    5. Chapter Eight The Paradox: The Absolute Truth and the Exquisite Lie—Creating a Panorama in Photoshop®
      1. Concept and Preparation
      2. Exposure Controls, Proper Overlap, Tripod or Not?
      3. Relying on Layer Transparency and Layer Masking: Step-By-Step Panorama Instructions Using Collaging Techniques
      4. “Grab Shot” Panoramas
      5. Faux Panoramas
      6. Themed Panorama-Style Linear Collages
      7. Mirror Images in Panoramic Format
      8. Hurry-Up Panoramas—Using Photoshop's Photomerge
      9. Auto-Align and Auto-Blend
      10. Printing Panoramas
      11. Fractured Panoramas
      12. Precision-Oriented Panoramics
      13. Autopano
      14. GigaPan
      15. Pano Sweep Technology
  8. Part III Artistic Considerations
    1. Chapter Nine Filters
      1. Using All the Great Filters Available in Photoshop
      2. Favorite Photoshop Filters
      3. Find Edges
      4. Isolate and Blur
      5. Photoshop Photo Filters
      6. Creating a Black-and-White Pencil Sketch Effect Using Filters
      7. Similar Effects in Photoshop and Painter
      8. Third-Party Filter Plug-Ins
      9. Nik® Color Efex Pro™ 3 Filters
      10. Applying Filters Selectively
      11. Lucis® Pro 6
      12. Craig's Actions
      13. Totally Rad Action Mix
      14. Combining Filters and Actions
      15. Topaz Lab Filters: Adjust 3, Simplify, Clean 2
      16. Totally Rad Dirty Pictures
      17. Alien Skin Snap Art
      18. Bokeh
      19. Exposure 3
    2. Chapter Ten Experimentation
      1. Combining Traditional Media with Digital
      2. Printmaking: Woodcuts, Intaglio and Lithography, and Silkscreening
      3. Overprinting and Collaging
      4. Encaustics
      5. Lazertran onto Marble, Glass, Tile, Fabric, and Silk
      6. inkAID™—Making Your Own Inkjet Paper
      7. Japanese Inkjet Coated Papers
      8. Thinking Creatively: Paint It, Draw On It, Tear It, Glue It, and More
      9. Combining Drawing and Photography
      10. Photo Tex
      11. Creative Use of Papers for Albums
      12. iPhoto® Books
      13. Epson StoryTeller™ Photo Book Creator Kits
      14. Kolo® Albums
      15. Blurb Books
      16. Art Leather Books
      17. HF® Photo Book
      18. Other Album and Book Possibilities
      19. DASS Film and the Hand-Sanitizer Transfer Method
      20. Printing Tip
    3. Chapter Eleven Essential Photoshop® and Painter™ Techniques to Master
      1. Photoshop Selection Tools
      2. Photoshop: Transforming for Scale
      3. Photoshop: Layer Adjustments
      4. Photoshop: Layer Masks
      5. Photoshop: Art History Brush Tool
      6. Build Your Own Brush
      7. Photoshop: Blend Modes
      8. Screen
      9. Multiply
      10. Color
      11. Overlay
      12. Photoshop: Using Adjustment Layers, Layer Masks, and Blend Modes Together
      13. Painter Basic Papers
      14. Painter Cloner Brushes
      15. Cloning without a Cloner Brush
    4. Chapter Twelve Resources
      1. Suppliers: Equipment, Software, Tools, and Artist Materials
      2. Digital Collage and Painting Website
  9. Index