List of Abbreviations

ACK acknowledgment
ADC analog‐to‐digital conversion
ADM adaptive delta modulation
AF amplify and forward
AGC automatic gain control
AJ anti jamming
AMR adaptive multi rate
AOA angle of arrival
AOD angle of departure
AOF amount of fading
ARQ automatic repeat request
ASK amplitude shift keying
AT&T American Telephone & Telegraph Company
AWGN additive white Gaussian noise
BCH Bose‐Chaudhuri‐Hocquenghem codes
BEP bit error probability
BPSK binary phase shift keying
BS base station
BSC binary symmetric channel
C/N carrier‐to‐noise ratio
CCITT International Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee
CD compact disc
CDF cumulative distribution function
CDMA code division multiple access
CIR channel impulse response
COST European Cooperation for Scientific and Technical Research
CP cyclic prefix
CPA co‐polar attenuation
CRC cyclic redundancy check
CSI channel state information
DAC digital to analog conversion
DCT discrete cosine transform
DF detect and forward
DFT discrete Fourier transform
DGPS differential GPS
DM delta modulation
DMC discrete memoryless channel
DPCM differential PCM
DPSK differential phase shift keying
DS direct sequence
DSSS direct sequence spread spectrum
E1 European telephone multiplexing hierarchy
EGC equal gain combining
EGNOS European geostationary navigation overlay service
EHF extremely high frequencies (30‐300 GHz)
EIRP effective isotropic ...

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