Chapter 11

Spam, the Law, and You


Bullet Taking a good look at CAN-SPAM

Bullet Employing platform-specific terms of service (ToS)

Bullet Following industry regulations

Bullet Taking on more social media regulations

We provide you with a good introduction to spam, the computing term, in Chapter 2. But we don’t blame you for seeing the word spam in the title of this chapter and checking it out first thing. We agree with you that spam is a vital topic.

If you’re in the United States like we are, and you’re in business like we are, you need to know about the CAN-SPAM Act and how to comply with it. Then you need to work on employing terms of service and other policies to make sure everyone in your business understands not only what spam is but also what to do when it’s “in case of emergency, break glass” time.

When you’re in a specific industry, like health, you need to be aware of HIPAA, which you probably have heard about but don’t know the details of just yet. And, if you’re in another country, we talk about similar antispam and data privacy laws in other countries and regions.

We know that you ...

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