Project 5

Adding Magic by Editing

Editing is the icing on the cake. Editing is an important part of the filmmaking process because it brings together all the footage you filmed. And as you edit, you’ll get the excitement of seeing all your footage put together, sharpened and adapted for better viewing, and made ready for broadcasting or sharing.

After you capture the footage for your film, you use your chosen editing tool to perform some magic to bring it to life. This magic includes activities such as arranging your clips, adding visual effects, music, and sound effects.

Big blockbuster films have full-time editors, who work solely on a film’s edit. They are given the footage by the film crew and will start editing the footage as the rest of the film is being shot. The editing process on these blockbuster films can take months or even years to complete because there is so much footage to work through and so many effects to add to each clip.

Editors never get involved with the pre-production or filming of the movie. He or she only works on the movie after it’s been filmed. After the editor has put together a rough edit, the director will sit and watch the film to see how the film looks, and will make changes to the edit if needed.


In this project, I show you how to import the footage you have just captured, cut it together onto a timeline with some cool transitions, and then ...

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