Getting the Film Look with Editing

Now it’s time to bring the footage you’ve captured together to build your film in the timeline in your editing tool. I will be using iMovie to edit the short film in this project.

It’s amazing what you can do in the editing tool to make your shots look more cinematic and professional. Modern editing technology can do wonders. Keep in mind, though, that this doesn’t diminish the importance of filming great shots. It’s important to spend time making your shots look good when filming — the editing process only makes them look better.

Editors working on large-scale films spend months changing the color and look of each shot in the editing tool. That way, each shot has the same look and feel, and all the shots flow together perfectly. Don’t worry, however, you won’t need to spend that much time editing your film — unless, of course, you want to. Spending more time on the edit of your film helps improve the quality of the final result.

Professional editors use very expensive and complicated editing tools to enhance the shots in the films they work on, but it’s still possible to improve your footage using the basic editing tools on a Mac and PC. In this project, I show you how to enhance the look and sound of your footage in the editing tool to make your film look great.


Editing Angles and Shots Together

Project 17 discussed the different ...

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