Getting a Film Review

Wow, can you believe it? You’re at the last project in this book. You’ve done it! You’ve created your first short film — well done! Now it’s time to look back at what you’ve done and review your work.

So, why do we make films? Is it for our own enjoyment? Is it to entertain other people? Ideally, it’s a mixture of both. Most filmmakers get their enjoyment from making films that their audience enjoys watching.

Good filmmakers are always searching — they’re searching for new ideas for stories, for new approaches or filming styles, and most of all, for ways to improve what they do. The best way to improve and develop your skills as a filmmaker is to keep creating ideas, keep making films, and keep reviewing your work.

After making a film, I often get quite nervous about showing the film to other people. It’s only natural, really. I worry about what they might think, even as I realize how important it is to get feedback from them. Getting feedback from your audience helps shape what you do in the future with your next films.

In this project, I show you how to review your film, how to get feedback from other people, and how to use the feedback to grow and develop as a filmmaker.


Reviewing Your Work

Has anyone ever told you “you are your own worst critic”? This means that sometimes you spot mistakes or problems with your work that others wouldn’t ...

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