AppendixMATLAB Functions List

The following is a list of all the MATLAB sources that are applied to generate the figures presenting the simulation results in this book. All MATLAB sources have been tested with MATLAB 2016B. If you are using MATLAB in other versions, beware that you may need to modify the sources, as MATLAB do update the language from time to time.

Figure Listing Filename Function
2.7 2.3.3 freqshiftplot 2D spatial frequency plot with shift
2.14 2.5.1 sobel Sobel edge image extraction
2.7.1 directds Down‐sampler with down‐sampling ratio bapp01-i0001
2.7.2 sincds Sinc filter down‐sampler with down‐sampling ratio bapp01-i0002
2.7.3 aveds Averaging filter down‐sampler with down‐sampling ratio bapp01-i0003
3.2.1 imageerr Error image generation
3.2.2 mae Mean absolute error
3.2.3 mse Mean squares error
3.2.4 rmse Root mean squares error
3.2.5 psnr Peak signal‐to‐noise ratio
3.2.6 epsnr Edge peak signal‐to‐noise ratio
3.3.1 mssim Mean structural similarity
4.1.1 directus Low‐resolution to high‐resolution image bapp01-i0004 resampling by zero padding
4.1.2 nnfilter Nearest neighbor ...

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