Digital Impact: The Two Secrets to Online Marketing Success

Book description

Win online by attracting the right customers and getting the right performance measurement

Digital Impact answers the critical questions marketers have about connecting with and influencing consumers online. Written in an easy-to-read, approachable format, this helpful guide presents provocative content along with practical, commonsense methods that can be followed by any businessperson at companies of all sizes. The discussion hones in on two keys to success: building a performance measurement approach that will let you get maximum impact out of your online marketing and ad dollars, and creating magnetic content that attracts customers and keeps them engaged with your brand.

  • Leverage trust and build ROI in social media and mobile spaces

  • Get actionable data, best practices, cases studies, anecdotes, practical coaching tips and strategic insights

  • Engage customers who typically resist advertising messages

  • Learn from authors who have extensive experience across major industries and accounts, giving them a wide business appeal

  • Whether your budget is corporate-sized or on a shoestring, you'll want to achieve the measurable bottom-line improvements that come with having Digital Impact.

    Table of contents

    1. Cover
    2. Contents
    3. Title
    4. Copyright
    5. Acknowledgments
    6. Part I
      1. Chapter 1: Introduction
        1. Digital Impact: The Secrets of Performance Measurement and Magnetic Content
        2. A Crash Course in the New Marketing Landscape
        3. A New Approach: The Two Secrets to Online Success
      2. Chapter 2: Secret #1: The Right Approach to Performance Measurement
        1. Seven Metrics Every Digital Marketer Should Know
        2. Conclusion
      3. Chapter 3: Secret #2: Magnetic Content—Why Attraction Beats Distraction
        1. The Magnetic Content Approach: A New “Best Practice”
        2. Defining True Magnetic Content: A Five-Factor Framework
        3. Seven Steps for Developing Your Own Magnetic Content
        4. Conclusion
    7. Part II
      1. Chapter 4: Search
        1. The Search Landscape Today
        2. Magnetic Content and Search: Five Best Practices
        3. Deploying Performance Measurement in Search
        4. Conclusion
      2. Chapter 5: Online Display Ads
        1. Online Display Ads Play Multiple Roles Today
        2. New Challenges and Opportunities in the Online Ad Marketplace
        3. Six Best Practices for Magnetizing Customers through Display Ads
        4. Performance Measurement for Display Advertising
        5. Conclusion
      3. Chapter 6: E-mail Marketing
        1. Creating Magnetic Content for E-mail Marketing
        2. Driving Impact through Performance Measurement
        3. Conclusion
      4. Chapter 7: Social Media: Connections That Count
        1. The Social Media Landscape
        2. Social Media Demands the Magnetic Content Approach
        3. Social Media Performance Measurement That Works
        4. Creating a Framework for Measuring Social Media
        5. Conclusion
      5. Chapter 8: Mobile: The Always On, Anytime, Anywhere Channel
        1. The Mobile Marketing Landscape
        2. Magnetizing with Mobile: Six Strategies for Success
        3. Mobile Performance Measurement
        4. Conclusion
      6. Chapter 9: Online Video: Delivering Emotional Engagement
        1. The Online Video Landscape
        2. How to Magnetize Customers with Online Video
        3. Performance Measurement for Online Video
        4. Conclusion
    8. Part III
      1. Chapter 10: Integration across Online and Offline Channels
        1. Media Integration—A Challenge Still Unmet
        2. Allocating Spending: Two Models
        3. Conclusion
      2. Chapter 11: Digital Dashboards
        1. Why You Need Your Own Dashboard
        2. Four Steps to Designing Your Own Dashboard
        3. Building and Rolling Out a Dashboard
        4. Conclusion
      3. Chapter 12: Putting It All Together
        1. The Two Secrets: A Quick Review
        2. Focus on the Highest-Impact Channels to Drive Your Marketing Results
        3. Implementing What You’ve Learned Within Your Organization
        4. Conclusion
    9. Index

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    • Title: Digital Impact: The Two Secrets to Online Marketing Success
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: June 2011
    • Publisher(s): Wiley
    • ISBN: 9780470905722