Secret #2: Magnetic Content—Why Attraction Beats Distraction

“Advertising is no longer about blasting the most messages to the most people. Instead, it’s about this: Ideas that spread, win.”

—Seth Godin, speaking at the IAB MIXX conference in New York, September 27, 2010

Why is it that some multimillion dollar ad campaigns, launched by the brightest minds in advertising, fail to capture their audience? How can it be that some small companies, working with tiny shoestring budgets, can achieve outsized marketing results? In this chapter, we focus on the second secret to online marketing success, the power of creating Magnetic Content to attract customers and drive business results. In this chapter we will:

1. Discuss what Magnetic Content is and the consumer and marketing trends that require this new approach.

2. Describe how to establish a practical framework for creating Magnetic Content.

3. Discuss the seven proven strategies for making the most of your Magnetic Content.

We’ve learned that the first secret to online marketing success is all about Performance Measurement—specifically how to measure the effectiveness, or performance, of the marketing programs you run. The second secret—creating Magnetic Content—is all about making marketing programs that work better in the first place. Be prepared to reset your thinking about your approach to advertising and marketing.

The unique property of magnets, of course, is that they attract. If you are—quite literally—trying ...

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