Chapter 3

Pursuing a Data Strategy


Bullet Sourcing and mining for valuable data

Bullet Identifying the hidden opportunities in your data

Bullet Analyzing data on an ongoing basis for improved campaign performance

Data is all around you. With the advent of social media and broadcast platforms like Facebook and Twitter, data has become more powerful than ever, especially for Millennials. The amount of data that exists about them is unprecedented.

In this chapter, you develop a better understanding of the many forms in which you can extract, manipulate, and analyze data.

Recognizing the Value of Data

Data is everywhere, and as such, it’s extremely important. While the data may be overwhelming at times, when used correctly, it’s a valuable source of information that you can use in your marketing efforts.

Remember Keep in mind that data can often be industry and audience agnostic. By agnostic, it’s meant that raw data can apply to any or all situations and demographics and isn’t necessarily limited by a particular group or scenario. This means that the lessons, tips, and processes covered in this ...

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