Chapter 3

Selling Products and Services Using Facebook Offers


Bullet Introducing Facebook Offers

Bullet Creating offers

Bullet Managing offers

Bullet Promoting offers

Is Facebook just for building a fan base and getting people engaged? Or can you actually use Facebook to sell products and services? With various e-commerce applications and email acquisition apps, the answer is: both. Facebook Pages allow you to engage customers, and Facebook Offers get your customers buying your wares and talking to their friends about your business.

How does this feature work? Suppose that Threadless posts a limited offer for $10, and you choose to redeem that offer. As soon as you click Get Offer, your friends see that you’ve just taken advantage of the offer on their Timelimes. Your action may not make all your friends buy T-shirts, but it will certainly be attractive to all the Threadless customers in your network!

In this chapter, you see how to use Facebook Offers to promote your business. You can create an offer and then promote the offer with Facebook Ads, your Facebook Page, and your email list. You ...

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