Chapter 1

Leveraging Social Media


Bullet Integrating social media with e-newsletters

Bullet Incorporating social media into press releases and public relations

Bullet Leveraging social media with website features

A volatile debate rages in marketing circles: Has social media become so prohibitively popular — and social media companies so desperate to monetize their sites and satisfy their investors — that it’s no longer possible to be successful with only free posts and content?

Statistical analysis by shows a steady decline in organic reach for brands. Instead, promoted posts, ads, and posts from friends squeeze out your attempts to communicate for free.

You can address this problem in two ways: Beat ’em or join ’em. In this chapter, you look at beating ’em by combining social media with email, press releases, or websites to increase reach.

If those methods don’t work, you can always join ’em by paying to promote your posts, tweets, and pins to reach the audience you want.

Thinking Strategically about Social Media Integration

For many businesses, social media marketing adds to the richness of the company’s marketing mix with a purpose of its own. Others see it as a ...

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