Chapter 5

Defining Your Content Framework Using Processes and Systems


Bullet Understanding the content workflow

Bullet Solidifying roles and responsibilities

Bullet Using an editorial calendar

Bullet Finding content writers

A chapter about systems and processes? You may be thinking that this content is reserved for people who love to talk about workflow. Well, it is. But it’s also important for everyone else who has to participate in getting their content to market. So that must include you, too.

In this chapter, you get into the nuts and bolts of your content framework. After your digital marketing strategy is in place and you know what kind of content you need, you’ll want to create a system that you can rely on to get the job done. This chapter also delves into how content systems and documented procedures make everything easier.

Organizing the Content Process

Why should you care about developing a system for your content efforts? The best answer is that everyone benefits, even those who are not directly involved in the process. You would probably not consider mounting any other kind of ...

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