Chapter 14

The Ten Most Common Digital Marketing Mistakes


check Why website traffic is the last thing to worry about

check The right and wrong way to describe your offer

check The two metrics that every business should be tracking

check How to stay focused on what really matters in digital marketing

Digital marketing evolves rapidly, and you often find yourself trying out new tools and tactics daily. When you’re constantly venturing into uncharted territory, you’re bound to make mistakes. Don’t sweat it; making mistakes is how you learn.

That said, not all mistakes are made equal. The mistakes listed in this chapter are more about your mindset than they are about a tactical error, such as sending out an email without testing the links. You’ll inevitably make tactical mistakes in your marketing, and you’ll bounce back. But making the mistakes described in this chapter limits your growth, and if you avoid them, you should see a significant positive effect on your results.

Focusing on Eyeballs Instead of Offers

This might shock you, but you don’t have a website traffic problem. When you aren’t ...

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