Chapter 8

Viewing, Downloading, and Storing Your Pictures


Exploring a few cool playback functions

Figuring out what computer and storage equipment you need

Looking at photo-editing software options

Getting help with moving files from the camera to your computer

When thinking about the benefits of digital photography versus film photography, I rate being able to view my pictures right away, with no time or money spent on film and processing, at the top of the list. Not only do I save a ton of cash, but I know before I put away the camera whether I got the shot I wanted or need to try again.

Although I'm sure that you can figure out the basics of viewing pictures on your camera, you may not be aware of some of the other cool and useful playback features provided on many cameras today. This chapter introduces you to those options. Following that discussion, I discuss hardware and software products designed for storing and editing your photos after you move them off the camera. To wrap up, the chapter offers help with the process of downloading photos to your computer (or another storage device).

Note: Because the way you view, transfer, and store photos on a smartphone or tablet varies so much depending on the device and its operating system, this chapter concentrates on features related to standalone cameras. However, many tips, especially those related to long-term storage of your files, apply no matter what type of camera you use.

Taking Advantage of Playback ...

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