Chapter 10

Ten Accessories to Enhance Your Photography


Grabbing a great camera bag

Picking out a tripod

Easing the load with a specialty camera strap or carrier

Making your monitor easier to see in sunlight

Adding a remote control

Purchasing a couple of lens filters

Playing around with cool (and useful) apps

Using reflectors for better lighting

Putting a dive suit on your camera

Exchanging your mouse for a pressure-sensitive pen and tablet

Do you remember your first Barbie doll or — if you’re a guy who refuses to admit playing with a girl’s toy — your first G.I. Joe? In and of themselves, the dolls were entertaining enough, especially if the adult who ruled your household didn’t get too upset when you shaved Barbie’s head and took G.I. Joe for a spin in the garbage disposal. But Barbie and Joe were even more fun if you could talk someone into buying you some accessories, like a Ken doll or, even better, that awesome baby blue Barbie convertible.

Similarly, you can enhance your digital photography experience by adding a few of the hardware and software accessories described in this chapter. They may not bring quite the same rush as a Barbie penthouse or a G.I. Joe surface-to-air missile, but they greatly expand your creative options and make some aspects of digital photography easier.

Note: For more information on the products in this chapter, including current prices, visit the manufacturer's website. Understand that this chapter is by no means an exhaustive ...

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