Chapter 5

Taking Control of Exposure


Bullet Understanding the basics of exposure: Aperture, shutter speed, and ISO

Bullet Deciphering exposure meters and histograms

Bullet Picking a metering mode

Bullet Shooting in aperture-priority and shutter-priority autoexposure modes

Bullet Solving exposure problems

Getting a grip on the digital characteristics of your camera — resolution, file type, and so on — is critical. But don’t get so involved in this side of digital photography that you overlook traditional photography fundamentals such as proper exposure and lighting. All the megapixels in the world can’t save a picture that’s too dark or too light.

To that end, this chapter tackles the subject of exposure, explaining such basics as how shutter speed, aperture, and ISO affect your pictures. With that knowledge, you can then take advantage of advanced exposure features that enable you to manipulate exposure to meet your creative goals and solve the most common exposure problems.

One exposure-related topic ...

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