Create Custom Greeting Cards

Create professional-looking greeting cards and even have them addressed and mailed for you.

We all get them, those wonderful holiday cards from our friends or family. They usually have a great candid shot, with a message printed right on the card. Now, it’s your turn to impress friends and family with a holiday card printed from one of your digital snaps.

This hack will get you on your way to sending out your own holiday cards that are even fancier, putting you one step ahead of that pesky brother-in-law. There are two ways you can make cards: print them yourself on your inkjet printer or have a photofinisher do it for you. I’m going to focus on using an online photofinisher for a few reasons:


The photofinisher handles all the headaches of proofing and output for you. You essentially upload one file and move on to the next item on your busy holiday task list.


Yes, by the time you factor in the outrageous cost of specialized inkjet printing paper, ink cartridges, and your time, it’s cheaper to use a professional service.


Pro shops use a modern version of the traditional printing process. Your cards will hold up much better to adverse conditions than cards printed on an inkjet printer.

You might want to see which services your local photofinisher offers. Many photofinishers have great options for printing custom cards. If, however, you’d rather work online, there are many Internet services that let you customize ...

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