Chapter 6. Working with Your Subjects

If you really get into portrait photography, you end up photographing a broad spectrum of humans, from bawling babies to crotchety spinsters. Each subject has his own quirks, and each age group has its own special quirks. In addition to working with a wide and diverse group of subjects, you also have to concern yourself with wardrobe suggestions and, perhaps, makeup. You can also use props in your photos. So much to think about. And then there's the subject of photographing people with their pets or pets without their people. If you live close to wildlife, you've got yet another great subject for pictures. In this chapter, I share some techniques for photographing the wide spectrum from children to wildlife.

In This Chapter

Photographing Children

Kids do the darnedest things. It's your job as a photographer to capture the antics, quirks and foibles of children digitally. But kids come in all shapes and sizes, from diapered babies to adolescents. Some kids have the attention span of a flea. Young children have a tendency to be very active, running, jumping, and playing games. And you, the fleet-footed photographer, are responsible for capturing digital portraits of them.

Photographing babies

Photographing babies ...

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