Chapter 13. Ten Editing Tips and Tricks

Editing portraits can be a lot of fun. It can also be a serious time drain. Sometimes you start working on an image and just get sucked in. Before you know it, half an hour has passed. My motto has always been: "Why work harder if you can work smarter?" In this chapter, I present ten tips and tricks for editing your images.

In This Chapter

Replacing a Background

If you've got a portrait with a boring background, like a clear blue sky or a plain white wall, you can easily remove and replace the background. If you've got an image with a solid-colored background that you want to replace, follow these steps in Photoshop Elements 8:

  1. Launch Photoshop Elements in Editing mode, choose File&Open, and then navigate to the image you want to edit.

  2. Choose Layer

    Replacing a Background
    Duplicate Layer.

    This creates a carbon copy of the background layer. Eventually, you'll replace the contents of the background layer with a different color. In the interim, the background layer serves as a backup in case you select too much.

  3. Select the Magic Wand tool.

  4. Replacing a Background

    The Tolerance setting determines how ...

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