Appendix A. References and Resources

The Internet is an amazing place. On it you can find practically anything you want or need to know. However, the largest advantage of the Internet (free publication to all) is also one of its drawbacks. Not to say, of course, that all Web material is unreliable. It isn't. Much of it, in fact, is quite valuable. My advice to you is to consider the source when dealing with Internet information and to verify all information against another source, just to be sure. I am not kidding you when I say that I do most of my basic research on the Internet, but I usually crack paper-and-ink books to check my facts.

I have endeavored to provide only links that I believe contain accurate information or resources that I think are useful. However, I do want to caution you that I have no control over the contents of the sites mentioned, nor am I able to ensure they will look the same way when this book is published (another benefit/drawback of the Internet). That said, good luck and good surfing.

4-H Style Portraiture

From the University of Minnesota, the 4-H photography manual. It's concise, has some great tips, and is an easy read. To read the whole article, point your browser to

500 Poses!

Now here's a thing: you have to purchase this one, but it looks like fascinating creative-idea material.

Clip Art Image Gallery: 500 Model Poses w/CD-ROM (Paperback)

Point your browser to ...

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