Digital Publishing with Adobe ® InDesign® CC: Moving Beyond Print to Digital

Book description

If you’re a designer or other creative professional who needs to create digital documents that will be read on multiple devices, you will be thrilled with the powerful tools in Adobe InDesign CC. Now you just need to know what to do with them. Digital Publishing with Adobe InDesign CC examines not just the “How” of using the tools, but also the “When” and “Why” of choosing among the various digital format options–ePub, PDF, HTML, tablet app, and so on. Clear explanations and plenty of full-color graphics will guide you through the potentially confusing digital publishing landscape. Written by two longtime publishing experts, the book thoroughly covers the theory and best practices for creating and using buttons, hyperlinks, video, audio, forms, animations, slideshows, and iPad interactivity to enhance and enliven your digital publications. 

You’ll learn to: 

  • Select the digital format that best fits the needs of your content and your audience 

  • Design both Reflowable and Fixed Layout ePub documents 

  • Use Liquid Layout Rules to automatically resize and reflow content to fit different-sized devices 

  • Add interactivity to create exciting PDF presentations 

  • Configure your ePub files for the best results across various reader

  •  “I’m really thrilled to see this second edition of Digital Publishing with Adobe InDesign. The InDesign team is always trying to push the possibilities of digital publishing whether via ePub, DPS or PDF. This book captures that excitement and helps the reader be successful in this ever-changing field.” 

    Chris Kitchener, Group Product Manager, Design Segment, Adobe Systems 

    Table of contents

    1. Title Page
    2. Copyright Page
    3. Our Thanks To
      1. From Sandee
      2. From Diane
    4. Colophon
    5. Table of Contents
    6. 1. Introduction
      1. Who Are We?
      2. Who Are You?
      3. Digital Publishing Formats
      4. InDesign Workflows
      5. Thinking Digitally
      6. Keeping Up With It All
    7. 2. Interactive Tools
      1. Types of Interactive Elements
      2. Defining Hyperlinks
      3. Creating Cross-References
      4. Creating a Table of Contents (TOC)
      5. Working with Bookmarks
      6. Working with Object States
      7. Audio and Video Formats
      8. Working with Audio Files
      9. Working with Video Files
      10. Creating Buttons
      11. Our Favorite Button Effects
      12. Creating PDF Forms
      13. Sample Buttons and Forms
    8. 3. Animations
      1. Basic Animation Settings
      2. Playing Animations
      3. Animation Properties
      4. Motion Paths
      5. The Timing Panel
      6. Previewing Animations
      7. Creating Slideshows
      8. SWF Export Options
      9. The future of InDesign animations
    9. 4. Layout Controls
      1. Setting Page Sizes
      2. Working with Alternate Layouts
      3. Liquid Layouts
      4. Using the Content Tools
      5. Linking Items
      6. Linking Styles
      7. Comparing Layouts
      8. Creating Flexible Image and Text Frames
    10. 5. Reflowable ePubs & HTML Export
      1. Understanding Reflowable ePubs
      2. Creating Reading Order
      3. Preparing Text
      4. Preparing Graphics
      5. Managing Document Pages
      6. Export Options for Reflowable ePubs
      7. Proofing and Validating ePubs
      8. Going Under the Hood
      9. Converting to Kindle Files
      10. Evolving ePubs
      11. InDesign and HTML Export
      12. Preparing Files for HTML Export
      13. Export Options for HTML
    11. 6. Fixed Layout ePubs
      1. Understanding Fixed Layout ePubs
      2. Preparing Your InDesign File
      3. Export Options for Fixed Layout ePubs
      4. Proofing and Validating FXL ePubs
      5. Going Under the Hood
      6. The Future of Fixed Layout ePubs
    12. 7. Tablet Apps
      1. Understanding Digital Publishing Suite Apps
      2. Design and Workflow Considerations
      3. Setting Up Your Document
      4. Interactivity and Digital Overlays
      5. The Folio Builder Panel
      6. Previewing and Sharing Your Work
      7. Folio Producer
      8. What’s Next: Publishing Your App to a Store
      9. Other Resources
    13. 8. Interactive PDFs
      1. PDF Workflow
      2. PDF Export
      3. Image Handling
      4. Setting Accessibility Controls for PDF Files
      5. Security
      6. Page Transitions
      7. Adding Animations to a PDF
    14. Index

    Product information

    • Title: Digital Publishing with Adobe ® InDesign® CC: Moving Beyond Print to Digital
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: November 2014
    • Publisher(s): Adobe Press
    • ISBN: 9780133962468