Chapter 7

External Flash Lighting

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding electronic flash

arrow Flash categories

arrow Triggering electronic flash

arrow Working with flash

What we commonly call available light (or, even more commonly, available darkness) is undependable. So, digital SLR photographers may have to resort to using accessory lighting of some sort. Personally, I like to think of “available lighting” as the opportunity to work with whatever illumination that is available, whether it’s existing light (sunlight, moonlight, starlight, or interior light), electronic flash, or some sort of add-on continuous illumination. Choices abound. Although most digital cameras have built-in flash capability, these don’t produce a very powerful light. The built-in flash unit is usually good only for a range of up to about 8 feet or so, which isn’t always enough. So, it’s often necessary to turn to accessory lighting to brighten things up.

This chapter is a quick introduction to the most useful accessories you can ...

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