Additional Readings

The following books offer additional information on various aspects of classic narrative, digital storytelling, design, and career issues:

•  Adams, Ernest, Break into the Game Industry: How to Get a Job Making Video Games (Emeryville, CA, McGraw-Hill Osborne Media, 2003). A good guide to careers in the game industry.

•  Adams, Ernest, Fundamentals of Game Design, Second Edition (Indianapolis, IN, New Riders, 2009). An excellent, clear, and extremely thorough guide to game design.

•  Aristotle, The Poetics (New York, Hill & Wang, 1961). The classic treatise on dramatic writing.

•  Bernardo, Nuno, The Producer’s Guide to Transmedia: How to Develop, Fund, Produce and Distribute Compelling Stories Across Multiple Platforms (Lisbon, ...

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