Appendix F: the DiSEqC bus for antenna system control

Back in 1995, EUTELSAT proposed, in cooperation with the satellite receiver and antenna industries, the introduction of a ‘control bus’ using the coaxial cable of a satellite antenna called DiSEqCTM (Digital Satellite Equipment Control).

This solution is compatible with the most common switching system in use today in recent individual satellite installations (14/18 V for the polarization and 22 kHz for the band). It is royalty free and the DiSEqCTM label may be used, provided the EUTELSAT specifications are fulfilled.

F1.1   The DiSEqC levels

DiSEqC has three implementation levels: ‘ToneBurst’, DiSEqC 1.0 and DiSEqC 2.0 and above.

•  The ‘ToneBurst’ is a short-term, simple extension to the ...

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