SDI and HD-SDI interfaces

This chapter describes digital interfaces for uncompressed and compressed SD and HD. Tables 38.1 and Tables 38.2 summarize video signal levels.

Composite 4f SC digital interfaces are obsolete. For details about them, consult the first edition of this book.

Table 38.1. Analog video levels in several interfaces are summarized.

Interface Ref black Ref white
Abstract signal, mathematical 0 1
Abstract signal, units (“IRE”) 0 100
Analog NTSC [mV] 53 4/7 714 2/7
Analog NTSC-J [mV] 0 714 2/7
Analog PAL [mV] 0 700
Analog VGA [mV], zero setup 0 700
7.5-percent setup 53 4/7 714 2/7

Table 38.2. Digital video levels in several interfaces are summarized.

a True reference black in digital cinema cannot be conveyed across ...

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