H.264 video compression

H.264denotes a codec standardized by ITU-T (under the designation H.264) and by ISO/IEC (under the designation MPEG-4 Part 10). The Simple Studio Profile (SStP) of MPEG-4 Part 2 is used in hdcam. That aspect of Part 2, and all of Part 10, are applicable to broadcast-quality video; other than those cases, MPEG-4 is generally not applicable to broadcast-quality video. H.264 was developed by the Joint Video Team (JVT), where it was referred to as Advanced Video Coding (AVC); its ITU-T nomenclature during development was H.26L. All of these terms were once used to denote what is now, after adoption of the standard, best called H.264.

ITU-T H.264, Advanced Video Codingfor Generic Audiovisual Services – Coding of Moving Video, ...

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