Visual Overview

MPEG-4 visual is divided into two sections. MPEG-4.2 includes the original MPEG-4 video codecs discussed in this section. MPEG-4.10 specifies the “advanced video codec,” also known as H.264, and is discussed in the next section.

The visual specifications are optimized for three primary bit-rate ranges:

  • less than 64 kbps
  • 64–384 kbps
  • 0.384–4 Mbps

For high-quality applications, higher bit-rates are possible, using the same tools and bitstream syntax as those used for lower bit-rates.

With MPEG-4, visual objects (video codecs) use specific combinations of tools to efficiently represent different types of visual objects. Profiles use specific combinations of visual object types to efficiently service a specific market segment. ...

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