Digital Video with Adobe® Creative Cloud™ Classroom in a Book®

Book description

The fastest, easiest, most comprehensive way to learn digital video with Adobe Creative Cloud

Classroom in a Book®, the best-selling series of hands-on software training workbooks, offers what no other book or training program does—an official training series from Adobe Systems Incorporated, developed with the support of Adobe product experts.

Digital Video with Adobe Creative Cloud Classroom in a Book contains 9 lessons that cover the basics, providing countless tips and techniques to help you become more productive with the program. You can follow the book from start to finish or choose only those lessons that interest you.

Purchasing this book gives you access to the downloadable lesson files you need to work through the projects in the book, and to electronic book updates covering new features that Adobe releases for Creative Cloud customers. For access, go to and redeem the unique code provided inside this book.

“The Classroom in a Book series is by far the best training material on the market. Everything you need to master the software is included: clear explanations of each lesson, step-by-step instructions, and the project files for the students.”

Barbara Binder, Adobe Certified Instructor, Rocky Mountain Training

Table of contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Where are the Lesson Files?
  4. Contents
  5. Getting Started
    1. About Classroom in a Book
    2. Prerequisites
    3. Installing software in Adobe Creative Cloud
    4. Hardware requirements
    5. Optimizing performance
    6. How to use these lessons
    7. Copying the lesson files and bonus chapters
    8. Relinking the lesson files
    9. Interpreting the frame rate of linked files
    10. Additional resources
    11. Adobe certification
  6. 1. Working in Adobe Creative Cloud
    1. The “planning to playback” video-production workflow
    2. Overview of Creative Cloud
    3. Learning the role of each component
    4. Working with media files in video production
    5. Real-time playback and editing
    6. Review questions
    7. Review answers
  7. 2. Organizing the Media Files for Your Project
    1. About Adobe Bridge
    2. Working with metadata
    3. About Adobe Story
    4. Planning and managing your production with Adobe Story
    5. About Prelude
    6. Ingesting media and working with metadata in Prelude
    7. Review questions
    8. Review answers
  8. 3. Creating a Basic Edit
    1. About Adobe Premiere Pro
    2. Creating a new project in Adobe Premiere Pro
    3. Importing footage and other media using the Media Browser
    4. Understanding the Project panel
    5. Interpreting footage
    6. Creating bins
    7. Viewing your footage
    8. About subclips
    9. Relinking media with Link & Locate
    10. Creating the first sequence
    11. Using markers
    12. Working in the Timeline
    13. Using new audio enhancements
    14. Using Snap
    15. Refining your story
    16. Finishing your rough edit
    17. Review questions
    18. Review answers
  9. 4. Advanced Editing Techniques
    1. Beginning this lesson
    2. Trimming clips in the Timeline
    3. Incorporating RED footage
    4. Adding transitions
    5. Creating effects in Adobe Premiere Pro
    6. Adding titles with the Adobe Premiere Pro Title tool
    7. Editing closed captions
    8. Stabilizing footage with the Warp Stabilizer
    9. Rendering your Timeline
    10. Posting to Creative Cloud for review
    11. Review questions
    12. Review answers
  10. 5. Creating Basic Motion Graphics and Visual Effects
    1. Beginning this lesson
    2. About After Effects
    3. Understanding the After Effects user interface
    4. Using Dynamic Link: from Adobe Premiere Pro to After Effects
    5. Creating a motion graphic with After Effects
    6. Using RAM Preview
    7. About Illustrator
    8. Creating a new composition
    9. Animating text in After Effects
    10. Understanding and applying motion blur
    11. Working with animation presets in After Effects
    12. Using Dynamic Link: from After Effects to Adobe Premiere Pro
    13. Review questions
    14. Review answers
  11. 6. Advanced Still and Motion Graphics Techniques
    1. Beginning this lesson
    2. Creating static and animated masks in After Effects
    3. Creating 3D extrusions in After Effects
    4. Using the 3D Camera Tracker in After Effects
    5. Using transfer modes in After Effects
    6. Adding and animating effects with After Effects
    7. About Photoshop
    8. After Effects live 3D pipeline with CINEMA 4D
    9. Finishing touches
    10. Review questions
    11. Review answers
  12. 7. Working with Audio
    1. Beginning this lesson
    2. Monitoring audio
    3. Understanding audio tools in Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition
    4. Audio clip editing in Adobe Premiere Pro
    5. Audio clip editing in Adobe Audition
    6. Multitrack mixing and finishing in Adobe Audition
    7. Audio track editing in Adobe Audition
    8. Creating the final audio mix
    9. Sending your final audio mix back to Adobe Premiere Pro
    10. Review questions
    11. Review answers
  13. 8. Finishing Your Project
    1. Beginning this lesson
    2. Using color-correction techniques in Adobe Premiere Pro
    3. Integrating color corrections to RED footage
    4. About SpeedGrade
    5. Review questions
    6. Review answers
  14. 9. Output for the Web and Creative Cloud
    1. Beginning this lesson
    2. Exporting the final output with Adobe Premiere Pro
    3. Understanding compression and other factors for exporting files
    4. About Adobe Media Encoder
    5. Introducing Flash Professional
    6. Uploading and sharing your project using Creative Cloud
    7. Promoting your project
    8. Review questions
    9. Review answers
  15. Index
  16. Production Notes
    1. Images
    2. Typefaces used
    3. Team credits
    4. Authors
    5. Contributors
  17. Where are the Lesson Files?

Product information

  • Title: Digital Video with Adobe® Creative Cloud™ Classroom in a Book®
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: July 2013
  • Publisher(s): Adobe Press
  • ISBN: 9780133440270