Chapter 1. Rick's Recipe

Rick's Recipe

New to digital wedding photography? Want to jumpstart your photo learning? Yeah, well then this chapter is for you. It offers some basic tips—time-proven techniques you can use to get a feel for weddings and to develop an eye for photographing them.

Check out this chapter first, and then move on to more detailed information in the subsequent chapters.

Hey, I know you want to dive into all the cool techniques in this book, but I figure some of you might want to start with some general tips on being a wedding photographer first. Start with the basics on how to go about covering one of the most important days in a couple's life.

These are just a few quick tips, illustrated with photographs. Let's go!

Know Your Gear

Know Your Gear

First and foremost, you must know you gear—your cameras, lenses, flashes and so on—inside and out before you show up to shoot a wedding. Since you'll be shooting in a variety of lighting conditions, indoors and out, you must be prepared for everything. No surprises. You also must know your computer system and your digital image-editing programs ... very well. You simply can't afford to miss, mess up or lose a shot. It's a wedding!

See the Light

Light is the key component in every picture. No light, no picture. You need to look for shadows and ...

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