Chapter 3. The Studio Shoot

The Studio Shoot

You'll find a lot of candid pictures in this book; they seem to be the current trend in photography. You'll also find some wonderfully posed images by some of today's top pros. However, you will not find many studio shots, as most brides and grooms are too busy for a studio shoot these days, or they just prefer on-location photographs.

That said, it's very likely that, in time, you will encounter wedding couples who want studio shots. It's important that you are able to provide them.

In this chapter, you'll find some basic studio lighting tips ... for those occasions.

I took all these photographs in Vered Koshlano New York City studio. She assisted with the photographs, but she is an excellent photographer herself. Please check out her site:

And heads up: I could not resist! I had to mention and illustrate some Photoshop enhancements, as they seemed to apply nicely to some of these images.

Painting with Light

Painting with Light

This chapter begins with one of the most basic and affordable types of artificial lighting: a flashlight.

That's right! You can create beautiful portraits by illuminating your subject with an inexpensive flashlight. Basically, the technique is to "paint" the subject with light. I used a $5 flashlight to create the picture on the left. Here's the ...

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