Chapter 4. Weekend Wedding Photographer

Weekend Wedding Photographer

My guess is that you're not a full-time wedding photographer. Yet!

For those of you just starting out, the information in this chapter will help you understand how to capture a wedding for brides and grooms who want candid photographs.

These tips—illustrated with Canada-based photographer Davide Greene's work—prove that you don't need fancy gear or techniques to get the kind of shots you and your clients will love.

But you do need a positive attitude and a penchant for fun.

Shoot Candid and Formal Photographs

Shoot Candid and Formal Photographs

As you can tell from the photographs in this section, Davide Green is not big on posed shots. Neither are his clients. That's because he mostly shoots like a photojournalist, capturing what he sees without a lot of set up.

That said, Davide does take posed shots, as illustrated by the image on the left. But when he has his choice, he sticks to shooting candid photographs. He believes they capture the real fun, excitement and emotion of a wedding.

His advice is to learn how to shoot like a photojournalist as well as a portrait photographer. Watch for artfully posed photographs throughout this book; they represent both types of photography. Each style has an important role in wedding photography.

For candid photographs, you must think quickly. Your ...

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