Digital Wedding Photography For Dummies

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Expert advice on becoming a successful wedding photographer

Wedding photography can be a great hobby or home-based business. But while it's an exciting and lucrative field, it also has its challenges.

Now, you can turn to Digital Wedding Photography For Dummies for friendly, hands-on guidance on selecting the right equipment, building a client list, and developing the skills and techniques needed to create stunning and memorable images.

  • Covers tools and techniques practiced by some of the most successful photographers in the business

  • Advice on camera settings, lighting, and angles

  • How to create a professional experience that will put clients at ease

  • Build a portfolio and connect with clients

  • Start a wedding photography business

Whether you're an aspiring wedding photographer who wants to learn about the techniques that make the best wedding photographers successful, or are in the business and want tips and advice to improve your skills, this practical guide has you covered.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Introduction
    1. About This Book
    2. Conventions Used in This Book
    3. What You’re Not to Read
    4. Foolish Assumptions
    5. How This Book Is Organized
    6. Icons Used in This Book
    7. Where to Go from Here
  5. Part I: Getting the Big Picture: Becoming a Wedding Photographer
    1. Chapter 1: The Wide-Angle View of Wedding Photography
      1. Grasping the Scope of the Wedding Photographer’s Job
      2. Developing Skills You Need to Excel
    2. Chapter 2: Basic Photographic Equipment and Know-How
      1. Stocking Up on Tools of the Trade
      2. Getting Yourself Up to Speed on Exposure and Camera Settings
      3. Growing Comfortable with Your Gear and Developing Your Skills
    3. Chapter 3: Understanding Lighting and Composition Techniques
      1. Lighting: Making Every Hour Magic Hour
      2. Composition: Using Different Techniques to Produce Stronger Images
    4. Chapter 4: Capturing a Wedding's Excitement and Emotions
      1. Fast Moves: Capturing High-Action Moments
      2. Time for Your Close-Up: Catching Quiet Moments and Expressions
      3. Here’s the Key: Depicting Pivotal Moments and Unexpected Occurrences
      4. The Art of Symbolism: Taking Pictures That Tell Stories
    5. Chapter 5: Exploring Photographic Styles
      1. Recognizing Different Styles of Wedding Photography
      2. Mixing and Matching Styles to Create the Story Your Newlyweds Want
  6. Part II: Lights, Camera, Action: Capturing the Wedding Day
    1. Chapter 6: Preparing Your Gear and Yourself
      1. Making a To-Do List and Checking It Twice
      2. Getting Ready for the Four Acts of Wedding Photography
    2. Chapter 7: Shooting Scenes to Frame the Wedding Story
      1. Beginning with the Basics of Scenes
      2. Identifying Key Scenes and How to Photograph Them
    3. Chapter 8: Herding Cats (Also Known as Shooting Portraits)
      1. Taking Charge
      2. Getting the Key Images
      3. Handling Stiffness and Stress during Portraits
    4. Chapter 9: Getting the Must-Have Moments
      1. Backstage Preparation: Capturing the Key Shots Before the “I Do’s”
      2. It’s Showtime! Shooting the Ceremony
      3. Let’s Celebrate! Staying Busy at the Reception
  7. Part III: Creating the Package for the Newlyweds: Editing and Album Design
    1. Chapter 10: Back at the Studio: Getting Organized and Preparing to Edit
      1. Creating a Workspace That Works for You
      2. Transferring Images to Your Computer and Keeping Them Safe
      3. Getting Ready for the Next Shoot
    2. Chapter 11: Editing Your Images
      1. Culling the Shoot
      2. Grouping Your Pictures into Useful Categories
      3. Editing and Adjusting Your Photos
      4. Saving Your Images to Your Hard Drive
    3. Chapter 12: Making Your Photos Available on DVD and Online
      1. Examining Your Options
      2. Burning and Sending a DVD to Your Clients
      3. Placing Your Images on the Web
    4. Chapter 13: Compiling and Designing the Wedding Album
      1. Choosing Your Album Company and Design Program
      2. Curating Images for an Album
      3. Consulting with the Couple
      4. Let the Second Edit Begin!
      5. Creating and Finalizing the Page Design
      6. Shipping the Finished Album to Your Newlyweds
  8. Part IV: Building Your Portfolio and Business
    1. Chapter 14: Putting Together Your Portfolio
      1. Realizing Why You Need a Portfolio
      2. Gaining Knowledge and Creating Your Portfolio
      3. Choosing Photos and Placing Your Portfolio Online
    2. Chapter 15: Crafting an Effective Business Model
      1. Setting Up Your Wedding Photography Business
      2. Looking at Legal Matters
    3. Chapter 16: Getting Your Name Out There
      1. Defining the Look and Feel of Your Company
      2. Using Social Media Outlets
      3. Building and Marketing a Website
      4. Relying on Word of Mouth
      5. Collaborating with Other Wedding Vendors
      6. Getting Published
  9. Part V: The Part of Tens
    1. Chapter 17: Avoiding Ten Common Wedding Photography Mistakes
      1. Arrive at the Wedding with a Plan
      2. Stay Out of the Way during the Ceremony
      3. Train the Couple on the Kiss at the End of the Ceremony
      4. Take Advantage of Sufficient Lighting
      5. Be Aware of the Background
      6. Give Good Direction during Group Photos
      7. Get Permission to Shoot at Offsite Locations
      8. Avoid the “I’ll Just Fix It Later” Approach
      9. Edit Images with a Light Hand
      10. Give the Couple Their Photos in a Timely Manner
    2. Chapter 18: Ten Tips for Working with a Second Shooter
      1. Choosing Someone Reliable
      2. Spelling Out the Details in a Contract
      3. Knowing What Gear Your Second Shooter Has
      4. Outlining the Proper Attire
      5. Understanding Your Second Shooter’s Skill Level
      6. Planning Ahead to Maximize Coverage
      7. Being Specific about What You Want Your Second Shooter to Do
      8. Obtaining Your Second Shooter’s Images Before the Day Is Done
      9. Recalling What It Felt Like When You First Started
      10. Giving Recognition to Your Second Shooter
  10. Cheat Sheet

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  • Title: Digital Wedding Photography For Dummies
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: April 2013
  • Publisher(s): For Dummies
  • ISBN: 9780470631461