Gaining Knowledge and Creating Your Portfolio

The thought of building a portfolio from the ground up can be a little daunting (I remember; I’ve been there!). But even if you just bought your camera today and haven’t taken a single picture with it yet, you can take steps toward creating an awesome portfolio and getting your wedding photography business started. In the following sections, I talk about a few different ways to acquire the kinds of pictures you need to have in order to show potential clients your capabilities.

Practicing often to develop a range of skills

Busting out that shiny new camera and taking pictures as often as you can is one of the best things you can do for yourself as a new photographer. Not only will you have something to show off, but you will become more and more comfortable behind the lens. The old saying “practice makes perfect” really applies here! The more you shoot on your own, the better you become.

tip.eps Offering to photograph people for free is probably the number one way to grow your portfolio; not many people will say no to having their picture taken free of charge. When first starting out, try to photograph anyone you can, from babies and families to senior portraits and engagements. Doing so allows you to develop technical skill with the camera and feel more comfortable working with and posing people. You can also use some of those photos in your ...

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