Burning and Sending a DVD to Your Clients

If you decide that burning and sending a DVD to your clients is how you roll, then this section is for you. Here I go over how to how to organize your photos for the DVD and give you a few things to consider when getting ready to prep, burn, and send the finished product.

Organizing the photos for the DVD

As you prepare your photos for the DVD, you want to make sure that specific images are easy for your clients to find. Imagine for a moment the newlyweds as they put the DVD into their computer. The DVD whirs and loads, and then up pops a folder with 800 teeny tiny thumbnails. You can make the situation a lot less daunting for them.

tip.eps Instead of putting all the images in one huge folder, consider dividing them into separate folders with appropriate labels. The extent to which you want to break down the pictures is up to you, but I suggest the following categories: Preparation, First Look (if they chose to have one), Formal Portraits, Ceremony, and Reception.

Deciding on the look of the DVD

When your photos are organized and ready to go, you have to consider how you want your DVD to look. Consider the following two options for presentation:

check.png Creating a DVD label and DVD cover on your own: The simplest way to present your images is by creating ...

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