Developing Skills You Need to Excel

You need a particular set of skills in order to do any job well, and wedding photography is certainly no exception. As you start out in the wedding photography business, I encourage you to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses in the skills I mention in the following sections. If you find that one of these skills is not a strength of yours at present, don’t worry! All it takes is some practice. With some time and effort, you’ll be well on your way.

Feeling passionate about photography

If you’ve ever had a deep longing to create something beautiful, you know what it means to have passion. The desire to shape and mold the world around you into a work of art is essential for the photographer. There’s a difference between a photographer who works merely to get the job done and one who is driven by a creative vision, and that difference will be reflected in your photographs.

tip.eps A passion for photography can be something that is part of your nature, or it can be something you develop. If you fall into the latter category (or are in a season of life when your passion has waned), here are a few ways you can develop your love of this art form:

check.png Doing it anyway: The more you pick up your camera and learn the intricacies of photography, the more likely you ...

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