What Does This Book Cover?
This book gives an in-depth look at the challenging and rewarding world of digital wedding photography.
Whether you are an aspiring amateur, or a professional looking at converting to digital, this book provides
valuable insights and information to assist you on your way to becoming a digital wedding photographer.
Part I: Understanding Digital Wedding Photography
This book is organized into three parts with 16 chapters. Part I is a general overview of styles, equip-
ment, daily workflow, and some specifics about composing good wedding images.
Chapter 1 is a general overview of the world of wedding photography.
Chapter 2 discusses the three main stylistic approaches to wedding photography — photojournalistic,
portrait journalism, and traditional. Topics include how your price structure dictates which style you use,
a description of the methods used in each style, a look at how the images differ, and some thoughts on
what clients want. The final section looks at factors to consider when deciding which style is right for you.
Figure FM-2: This posed romantic moment was
shot at night right next to the dance floor after I
noticed the beautiful light fixture and the way it
cast light across the wall.
37mm, f4, 1/30th, 3200 ISO
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