Chapter 3: The Right Equipment for the Job


Wedding photographers have unique and specific equipment needs. Many equipment choices are simply a matter of personal preference, while others are dictated almost completely by the specific requirements of the job at hand. Your shooting style greatly affects what goes in your own gearbox. For example, Traditional-style wedding photographers typically carry a lot more lighting gear than Photojournalistic-style shooters, and destination wedding photographers may carry only the absolute essentials.

No matter how serious your business aspirations may be, in this chapter I prepare you for making major equipment choices and handling challenges all wedding photographers face. Included is information about the demands of the job, because it is these demands that dictate the best choices in equipment. I purposefully avoid listing specific equipment makes and models because the technology changes so rapidly. Instead, I provide a list of qualities to look for that will meet the demands of the job. So whether you're just starting out, or you're more experienced but not yet completely satisfied with the tools in your gearbox, this chapter provides the information you need as you shop for that perfect camera system.

Choosing a Camera of Your Own

Several companies are constantly jockeying for the lead position in the wedding camera market. Nikon and ...

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